Import Services


Our staff of highly trained, licensed Customs brokers have unmatched expertise in tariff classification, Customs regulations and participatory government agency requirements.

  • ISF pre-departure filings
  • Consumption entries
  • Binding ruling requests
  • Protest Filings
  • Warehouse Entries
  • Temporary Imports (TIB)
  • Visa/Quota Entries
  • Participating Government Agency Compliance (FDA. EPA. DOT)
  • Automobile clearances
  • Boat / yacht clearances


Customs requires that an importer post a bond with a surety to cover any potential duties, taxes and other charges that may accrue on single or multiple importations. We offer both single entry and annual continuous bonds.

We also offer bonds specific for a type of entry, Temporary Import Bond and Carnet bonds.


KCarlton has the capability and network to move your cargo from your shipper’s factory door through to your named destination in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

Our worldwide network offers coordinated shipments, door-to-door tracking capabilities, contract rates and a level of trust and backed by a financial guarantee to protect your shipping interests.

By utilizing KCarlton for your freight forwarding and Customs brokerage, you have a single solution who can provide visibility and shipment control from start to finish.


The purpose of cargo insurance has always remained very clear and simple; to protect the financial interest of shippers while their cargo is exposed to the risks in transit. We offer both marine and air cargo insurance.

For more information about our import services and to speak to one of our customs brokers please contact us at [email protected]


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