Trucking has always been the backbone of the logistics industry. Unfortunately, the final piece of the logistics puzzle has always been treated the same. Improper means of transportation has remained the number one cause of cargo not being delivered in a timely manner. Over the last few years, trucking regulations have become both an industry…(Read More)

Are your goods properly classified and do you know for sure who manufactured them? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you could become the victim of stepped-up Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforcement of unfair trade practices. Congress has given Customs additional power to combat antidumping / countervailing (AD/CVD) duty…(Read More)

It was a pleasure to see the MOL Majesty make a call at the Port of Miami after transiting the newly opened third set of locks of the Panama Canal. I believe there will be tremendous opportunities for South Florida importers and exporters who will be able to secure readily available space via the Panama…(Read More)